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Metal doors MD47

Metal door, made up of 2 profiled steel plates of 1.5 mm thickness, electrolytically galvanized and painted with primer.


2 vertical reinforcements are applied. Fully flat appearance on both sides, without visible weld seams or screws. 3-sided upright edge, making the space between frame and door invisible. The door can possibly be shortened a few millimeters at the bottom if the circumstances on site require this


  • The core with hard rock wool plates (standard) gives excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • If no thermal or acoustic requirements are demanded, this insulation can be omitted on request


This door fits in our standard metal frames (both type 1D, 2D and 3D) for flat wooden doors. As a result, a standard wooden door that has already been installed can be replaced by a metal door MD47. The condition is that the hinges present are resistant to the weight of the heavier steel door, and that the frame is correctly placed.

These steel doors are placed as escape doors in industrial buildings, high -voltage cabins, cellars, garages, etc.

Double doors

  • Double doors type MD47 have pleated closing slats in the middle. Double doors type MD47 have pleated closing slats in the middle.
  • Double doors can also be made asymmetrical: a wide active wing combined with a narrow fixed wing.
Standard dimensions:
door width: 830, 930, 1030, 1130, 1230 mm.
Door height: 2015 and 2115 mm.
Door thickness: 47 mm
Check the extensive size tables for detailed data
Custom: maximum dimensions
Door widht: up to 1230 mm
Door height: up to 2700 mm

Door frames

  • Wall-covering door frames
  • Welded in the corners
  • finished with powder coating or primer


  • Standard cylinder lock according to DIN standard, ax distance 72 mm.
  • Cylinder lock with panic function. for example, for high-voltage electricity enclosures. Door can always be opened without a key from the inside, even if it was closed on the outside with the key.
  • Panic locks with horizontal tube, closure horizontal or vertical, with or without a handle and cylinder lock on the outside.
  • 3 point lock are available as well for this type of door.

Glass openings

In addition to the standard dimensions, glass openings can also be tailor -made.

Fire resistance

Doors MD47 are not fire resistant.


  • Separate ventilation grilles, possibly with mosquito gauze
  • Door spy hole
  • Safety pins (thief nocks) on hinge side
  • Rodslocks
  • Panic locks, extra locks, bolts, …


Orders of multiple doors are stacked horizontally on a wooden disposable pallet.

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