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General sales-agreements

  1. The buyer is deemed to know the terms and conditions of sale by virtue of the agreement and declares to accept them, regardless of his purchasing conditions. All our prices are “picked up” in our warehouse in Oostmalle. Any shipping costs will be charged. All sales are in cash, net without a discount, except otherwise described in the special conditions.
  2. Other payment conditions do not cause any renewal. Our prices are without obligations and can always be changed without prior reporting.
  3. All collected goods remain our property until they are fully paid.
  4. The VAT is charged to the buyer.
  5. Any deliveries by our worries can be understood on drivable roads, easily accessible for loaded trucks. The driver is not responsible for the damage to footpaths, garden walls, sewers, etc … if at the request of the customer he has to deliver the materials in difficult places to reach.
  6. Delivered goods are not taken back nor exchanged. Separately supplied goods such as hinges, seals, cylinders and the like are listed separately on the front of the delivery voucher or invoice, and must be checked and checked upon receipt. Upon departure, the customer declares himself agreeing with the numbers stated on the delivery receipt or invoice.
  7. All invoices are affordable in Oostmalle
  8. Complaints will not be accepted if they are not made known to our address in writing within 8 days after delivery. After placing the delivered goods, no more complaints are accepted.
  9. In the event of non-payment of an invoice within the period stated on the quotation, interest à rato of 1.5 % per month will be charged on a total amount (including VAT) from the due date, 15 days after the invoice date, by operation of law and without further notice of default . The collection costs are charged to the buyer. In the event of non-payment within a period that expires 8 days after a registered reminder sent, the buyer or invoiced is obliged to apply art. 1139 and 1147 of the Civil Code, a compensation to be paid to the seller conventional and fixed at 20 % of the unpaid amount, with a minimum of 85 EUR.
  10. The acceptance of the invoice applies as acceptance of the sales conditions of the seller.
  11. The delivery period is only informative, and can in no way give rise to any compensation.
  12. Our quotations are only valid for the quantities, dimensions and specifications we mentioned, according to our documentation. Descriptions in specifications and plans – whether or not in our possession – will in no case be considered binding.
  13. For all disputes in connection with the current agreement, only the courts of Antwerp or Turnhout are competent.