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Security-rated doors

Burglary-resistant doors according to European Standard – class RC2 according to Draft prEN 1627, 1628, 1629 and 1630.

Door leaf in wood and frame in metal. Also available as a fire-resistant door.

trial burglar-resistant door

Burglar-resistant frames

Our security doors are to be installed in metal frames.

  • Type 1D: welded frames from 1 piece that are poured with concrete or are bricked in.
  • Type 2D: 2-part frames (front and rear) that are screwed into an existing wall opening.

Wooden frames offer insufficient resistance to burglary, vandalism or damage.

Door leaf

Chipboard: density 420 kg/m³

Edge wood:
Hardwood: meranti, beech or oak

MDF to be painted by the customer.
White hardboard, pre-processed, to be painted by the customer
Formica laminates

Weight of door:
Approximately 85 kg for door dimensions 2015 x 830 x 50 mm

3 nocks, 5 stainless steel hinges, 3-point slot Cisa with 9 closing pins


Different types of multi-point locks can be installed in these doors.
The locks are fully protected between the 2 steel plates.
A safety cylinder with certificate and 3 keys is included.

Fire rating

These burglar -resistant doors are also available fire -resistant.

A PEFC-certificate can also be supplied.

Door handles

  • For maximum safety, it is recommended to mount a safety garnish, whereby the cylinder is protected by a loosely rotated plate.
    This makes drilling impossible.
  • Optionally door handles with long stool plate or with separate cylinder rosettes


  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel (paintable)
  • 3-dimensionally adjustable hinges for an easy adjustment
  • Invisible door hinges: invisible when door is closed.


  • Door spy hole
  • Electric motor locks
  • Electric cable entry on hinge side
  • Fire-resistant rating – 30 or 60 minutes
  • Closing plate in stainless steel or aluminum
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