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Door types

Flush doors

The front of a“flush” door is in the same plane as the visible sides of the frame. The sides of the door are planed obliquely under 3 degrees, and the clearance between door and frame is visible.

Flushdoors are hung on 3 hinges with 4 screws. The lock is placed in the middle of the door and has a lock plate of 24 mm.

Rebated doors

Rebated doors have a milled edge, so that the door surface extends approximately 15 mm outside the frame. The clearance between the frame and door is therefore not visible and is greater than with a flush door.

Rebated doors are hung on 2 pin hinges. These are screwed into the door leaf with an 8 mm pin. The doors are adjustable in 2 horizontal directions. Because of the rebated edge, the lock is not in the middle of the door, and has a lock plate of 20 mm.

Both door types can be installed in metal and wooden frames and can be produced with different fillings (cell filling, chipboard filling…).

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