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HPL-doors with laminate finishing. These are composed of a frame in dried and steamed pine wood, inside which is a core. A hard hardboard plate is glued on both sides.


A hardwood side lath is glued to the 2 or 4 sides. After smooth sanding, a HPL-sheet is glued to the surfaces of the door leaf. The edges are slightly chamfered.

Different brands and structures of HPL are possible, including Formica and Polyrey, with thickness 0.7 (standard) or 1.1 mm. We have a number of stock colors for quick delivery.


All doors are ready to install:

  • Lock and hinges installed;
  • Key holes drilled;
  • Possible patent holes drilled for door handles;
  • The sides and – if requested – the top can be sloped three degrees.
  • Side sliders placed in double doors;
  • Ventilation grilles placed;
  • One or more rectangular or round glass openings, including glazing beads in the type of wood of your choice (see documentation); excluding glass
  • Cable entry for electric motor locks;
CELCelvulling: honingraatrooster in karton
T520Tubespaan: spaanplaat met horizontale kanalen520 kg/m3
V420Volle spaanplaatvulling420 kg/m3
V600Volle spaanplaatvulling600 kg/m3
MDFMassieve MDF38mm
BW30Brandwerend 30 minutenNBN 713.020
BW60Brandwerend 60 minutenNBN 713.020
GWGeluidswerende deuren
IWInbraakwerend: gepantserd met 2 stalen platen van 1,5 mm

Finishing sides

The edges of the door can be finished in different ways:

  1. Without side slats: hardboard and edge wood (pine) are visible on the 4 narrow sides of the door.
  2. Hardwood side slats that are invisible when the door is closed. The HPL is glued over the side slats:
    2a: Two hardwood side slats on the vertical sides of the door leaf (standard).
    2b: Four side slats: the top and bottom of the door leaf can also be finished with hardwood side slats.
  3. Four visible side slats: the side slats remain visible when the door is closed.
  4. Four visible side slats with tongue and groove joint.

Side slats - types of wood

  • Meranti (default)
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Afzelia
  • Weng√©
  • Other wood types on request


  • 10 mm (default for type 2)
  • 15 mm
  • 20 mm

Door types

  • Revolving doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Swing doors


  • Lock reinforcement
  • Reinforcement for door closer
  • Milling line drawing

Stock colours

These colours are stock colours. They are always available. Other colours can be supplied as well.

More information on these websites:

F2255Polar White
F2296Sno White
F2770Sarum Grey
F7929Oyster Grey
F7949Soft White
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